Our South African Company started business in 1990 with our Objectives to introduce Innovative New Technology to the Health Care Field in Southern Africa with World Class Equipment and to provide the Quality and Support that our Clients throughout South Africa have come to expect of us. Our long term experience in this Industry would play a leading role in the Corporations around the World with whom we worked and continue to work over two decades later

As we celebrate 20 successful years, we look back at our achievements over this time and recall

1990 Wisap of Germany were amongst the first Endoscopic Cholecystectomy Systems in South Africa innovated by ourselvesAnaesthesia Systems with Paramagnetic Analysis Systems appeared
1993 We Introduced Ballistic Shockwave Systems in South Africa which meant smaller towns/hospitals were able to offer Kidney Stone Treatment
The first Circon ACMI Video systems were installed country wide and Micro Digital
Urethroscopes scopes became widely used
1995 The first Selector Ultrasonic Aspirators were installed
1996 The largest ever single contract was negotiated with Limpopo (Northern Province then) for Laparoscopic Equipment by Wisap
Radial Shock Wave for Soft Tissue Injuries was on the horizon and we were first yet again.
Manometry as well as pH Monitoring was another of our ground breaking products.
The first Macoy Laryngosope was launched that year in Bloemfontein.
1998 Ballistic Shockwave in the form of the Orthoclast for Hip revisions was introduced
1999 Ultrasonic Aspiration from Berchtold was a welcome addition to the popular Berchtold Electro Surgery Range
2000 The world’s first autoclavable Fexible Bronchoscope was introduced
2003 Dermatology saw the first LED Dermatoscopes come into service.
2004 We launched Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation for the Control of Airborne Pathogens, and in particular the MDR TB and XDR TB variations, with growing success in South Africa and surrounding countries
2005 Heine LED Headlights started taking the market by storm. The new HR and HRP Loupes came into service and added a whole new dimension to Surgery in South Africa.
2008 The world’s first male Sling for Incontinence appeared in South Africa along with a range of Female Incontinence Control devices.
2008 Focused Shock Wave was added to Radial Shock Wave for Sports Injury as well as for Cardiology AngiogenesisOptical Stylets for Difficult Airway Management were introduced and soon became a SASA recommended item on Difficult Airway Carts
2010 The world’s first Ultrasound system for Regional Anaesthesia was introduced and the patented On Board Learning by way of Cue cards is proving invaluable to Anaesthetists in South Africa
Our new Africa Service Centre opened its doors and business throughout Africa is now growing fast
The new LED Laryngoscope was seen for the first time in South Africa.