Compact, high-tech optics for homogeneous, exceptionally-bright illumination.
– Ultra-light, highly-flexible fiber optic cable with gown clips, length 3m.
– Height and angle of illumination adjustable by a single control.
– Lightweight, flexible headband: Professional L. Adjustable for height and width with detachable soft leather forehead cushion.
– Adjustable light spot with sterilizable lever.
– Can be combined with HEINE High Resolution Binocular Loupes for magnification from 2x – 6x.
– Can be fitted with a CCD camera.
– Light sources: HK 7000, HK 7000D, XENON 1000 F.O. Projector. Length of the F.O. cable: 3 m. Adaptors for other manufacturers’ projectors available.

50,000 lux light output at 20cm with HK 7000 projector.