HEINE® XP Disposable Laryngoscope Handle Shell

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Eliminates cross-infection

The Disposable Laryngoscope Handle Shell with bottom cap is powered by the bestselling battery insert for HEINE F.O. handles. The battery insert can be removed from the handle shell after intubation without risk of contamination, when handled properly.

Single use only



How to

The XP Disposable Handle Shell is designed to be the “outer shell” for a standard
HEINE battery or rechargeable battery insert (2.5 V or 3.5 V XHL Xenon Halogen).
The HEINE battery insert is placed inside the XP disposable handle shell and
the bottom cap is attached. By turning the bottom cap, the handle is turned
on, delivering full XHL Xenon Halogen illumination. After the procedure, the user
simply unscrews the bottom cap, and slides the clean battery insert out, leaving
just the cap, XP handle shell and XP laryngoscope blade to be disposed of.


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XP Disposable Laryngoscope Handle Shell with bottom cap, without battery insert, pack of 25