Excellent image quality: Leveraging the leading edge

The eZono™ 3000 portable ultrasound system offers excellent B-mode and color Doppler imaging in a compact form factor. State of the Art components enable up to 14 Mhz probes. The system is driven almost exclusively by software and incorporates the latest processing power available, which is distributed at multiple levels for optimal performance today and throughout its life time.  A proprietary operating system gives stability and a boot time of under 20 seconds after pressing the on/off switch, eZono™ 3000’s only button.






Cue Cards: Multi-media tools to accelerate the learning curve

The most advanced feature with regards to workflow comes with eZono™ 3000’s patented Cue Cards. You select the procedure and the system not only loads the best pre-sets but also, if required, guides you through the complete procedure. 3D anatomical animations, reference cross sectional pictures, reference ultrasound images and videos assist you to learn faster. Cue Cards accelerate the learning curve, which is one of the largest obstacles for ultrasound-guided anaesthesia procedures. You can also use Cue Cards for patient education.





Designed for a demanding environment

The tough environment in anaesthesia and intensive care demands a robust, portable system. The eZono™ 3000 includes some unique features in this regard. With a weight of just 4 kg, its 32.4cm x 28.2 cm x 9.3 cm dimensions and its unique handle the eZono 3000 is ultra-portable. More importantly it was designed with attention to detail: the ergonomic handle ensures secure, comfortable transport throughout the hospital; the black screen border enhances image contrast; the probe connector does not stick out but is embedded in the casing to reduce connector damage; the cable stress release feature lowers the risk of cable damage; the probe locking system allows you to change a probe in seconds. The system also features a standard VESA interface, which allows you to place it on our wall-mounted or desk-mounted arms, carts and other VESA equipment.